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How to Choose the Right Minibus for Your Group in Bakewell

Welcome to Minibus Hire UK! If you're planning a group trip to the beautiful town of Bakewell, choosing the right minibus is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Our expert team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you select the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Considering Your Group Size

The first step in selecting the right minibus is to assess your group size. Minibuses come in various capacities, and it's important to choose one that comfortably accommodates everyone.

Small Groups

For groups of up to 8 people, a smaller minibus or an MPV such as a Mercedes V-Class or VW is ideal. These vehicles provide ample space and comfort for a more intimate travel experience.

Medium Groups

If your group consists of 9 to 16 passengers, a standard minibus is the best option. These vehicles offer a perfect balance of space and efficiency, ensuring everyone's comfort during the trip.

Large Groups

For larger groups, consider hiring a coach. Coaches can accommodate up to 49 passengers, making them ideal for school trips, corporate events, or large family outings.

Determining Your Itinerary

Your travel itinerary plays a significant role in choosing the right minibus. Whether you're planning to explore Bakewell’s popular destinations or engage in various activities, our fleet has the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Local Attractions

Bakewell is home to several attractions that your group might want to visit, such as the famous Bakewell Pudding Shop or the beautiful Peak District National Park. A smaller minibus is ideal for navigating the town’s narrow streets and ensuring easy access to these attractions.

Day Trips

If your itinerary includes day trips to nearby locations, a larger minibus or coach will provide the necessary space and comfort for longer journeys. This ensures that everyone can relax and enjoy the ride.

Considering Extra Features

When choosing a minibus, consider any additional features that might enhance your travel experience. Our fleet offers various amenities to cater to your specific needs.

Luxury Options

For those seeking a touch of luxury, our premium minibuses are equipped with leather seats, air conditioning, and advanced entertainment systems. These features ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey for everyone.


If you have passengers with mobility issues, it's important to choose a minibus with appropriate accessibility features. Our accessible minibuses are designed to provide easy access and a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Booking with Minibus Hire UK

Booking the right minibus with Minibus Hire UK is a straightforward process. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your group’s travel needs are met efficiently.

Easy Booking Process

Simply contact us with your travel details, including your group size, itinerary, and any specific requirements. Our team will recommend the best vehicle for your trip and provide a competitive quote.

Professional Drivers

All our minibuses come with professional, experienced drivers who are familiar with the Bakewell area. This ensures a safe and hassle-free journey for your group.


Choosing the right minibus for your group in Bakewell is essential for a successful trip. At Minibus Hire UK, we offer a wide range of vehicles to suit all group sizes and travel needs. Contact us today to book your perfect minibus and enjoy a seamless travel experience.

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