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Your Ultimate Guide to Cornwall Sports Events with Minibus Hire UK

We at Minibus Hire UK understand the thrill and camaraderie that comes with group travel, especially when it's for something as exciting as attending a sports event. That's why we're here to make your group trip to Cornwall's sports events not just possible, but absolutely seamless and enjoyable.

Choosing Your Event

From surfing competitions to sailing regattas, Cornwall is a hub of high-energy sports that draw enthusiasts from all over the country. Planning starts by selecting the event that best aligns with your group’s interests.

Top Sports Events in Cornwall

  1. Boardmasters Surfing Championship
  2. Cornwall Regatta
  3. Cornwall Triathlon Series

Boardmasters Surfing Championship

Every summer, the Boardmasters brings together the best surfers in the world to compete on Cornwall's stunning coastline. Witnessing the competition is an absolute must for any group interested in the surfing scene.

Cornwall Regatta

The picturesque harbours of Cornwall serve as the perfect backdrop for the thrilling Cornwall Regatta. Sailing teams battle it out in a series of races that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are a test of skill.

Cornwall Triathlon Series

For those seeking a test of endurance, the Cornwall Triathlon Series offers a challenging and rewarding experience for both participants and spectators alike. Come and cheer on the athletes in one of the most scenic triathlon settings in the UK.

Planning Your Trip

Once you've pinpointed the event, it's all about the logistics. Where will you stay? How will you get there? What's the best way to ensure everyone sticks together and enjoys the journey?

Accommodation Tips

  • Book early to secure the best spots.
  • Choose accommodation that’s close to the event to minimise travel time.
  • Consider self-catering options to give your group flexibility with meals.

Transport with Minibus Hire UK

Transport is where we shine. Minibus Hire UK offers a fleet of comfortable minibuses and coaches, complete with professional drivers to ensure your group's safety and timely arrival at the event. Whether you're a small group or a large assembly, we've got the wheels to match your needs. Minibus Hire UK vehicle ready for your group trip

Why Choose Minibus Hire UK for Your Cornwall Sports Event?

Stress-Free Planning

Our booking process is straightforward, transparent, and tailored to meet your group's specific needs. We'll work with you to ensure that all travel logistics are handled with finesse.

Comfort and Safety

Our vehicles are not just about getting you from A to B; they're about doing so comfortably and securely. Relax in the knowledge that our minibuses and coaches are well-maintained and fitted with all the necessary amenities.

Expert Drivers

Our drivers are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of Cornwall's roads and event locations. They're the captains of your journey, navigating you through your trip with friendly expertise.

Book Now and Secure Your Perfect Group Trip

Ready to embark on an unforgettable sports adventure in Cornwall? Contact Minibus Hire UK today to secure your minibus or coach. We're here to transport you to the heart of the action, where your group can create memories that will last a lifetime.

Minibus and Coach Options
Vehicle Type Capacity Features
Standard Minibus Up to 16 passengers Comfortable seating, air conditioning
Luxury Coach Up to 50 passengers Reclining seats, toilet facilities, entertainment system

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or are ready to book, our friendly team is on hand to assist you. Reach out to us and let's start planning your group's sports event journey to Cornwall!

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